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Posted on: May 4, 2011

May 1-7, 2011: 3.25 Mile Run around The Presidio Golf Course in San Francisco

I used to live in the Inner Richmond.  Running through my neighborhood’s streets meant playing dodge pedestrian.  However, I was lucky enough to live only a couple of blocks from the Presidio of San Francisco, which opened my running world up to dozens of trails.  I got lost often trying to feel my way through the turns of this area and was always mindful that even though I was still in the city’s limits, mother nature was all around me (and those watch out for coyote signs?  They’re no joke).  A run I discovered and did often took me from the hustle and bustle of 6th and Geary to the calm of the parklands of the Presidio.  This run is mapped as if starting from my old apartment.  You can park within the Presidio or along Lake Street and have very easy access to the route.

1. Head north on 6th Avenue towards Lake Street and take a left on Lake. 

2. Turn right on 8th Avenue.  The street dead ends very quickly at Mountain Lake Park.  Head up the stairs and make a right.  Watch out for the dogs.  Follow the trail until you get to the lake.

3. At the lake (you’ll have to look for it through the shrubs – you’ll be just past the basketball hoop, which will be on your right), make a sharp right.  This trail will merge with another tail in about 20 feet – make a sharp left onto the merging trail.  The lake will be on your right at this point.  Follow the trail under the Park Presidio overpass.

4.  Your running trail will merge with a road.  Make a right and follow the road up through the Presidio Golf Course.  Watch out for flying golf balls too!  PLEASE NOTE:  There is limited access to this road once the golf course closes, especially late in the day on Sundays.  You might be able to make a right and head up the hill but once you get to the top there’s a chance you’ll be locked in and have to turn around.  I’ve had to squeeze through the gate at the top of the hill a couple of times – it’s not pretty.

5. Follow the road to the edge of the golf course and you will find yourself on Washington Blvd.  Make a right and follow the sidewalk around the housing development. 

6. The sidewalk will end in about .5 miles – you will have to run on the road for about 20 feet (watch out for bicyclists and cars – I usually take my ear buds out at this point so I can pay better attention to my surroundings).  You will see another road coming into Washington Blvd on your right – just past this is a dirt trail.  Follow the trail through the cypress trees.  The golf course will be on your right – stay left on the trail.

7.  Look for a Y in the trail – to your left will be a big clearing with a giant tee-pee like structure in the middle.  Follow this trail and you will find yourself on Arguello Blvd.  Cross the road – CAREFULLY (they finally put speed bumps in here but cars do not generally pay attention to pedestrians) and make a right on the trail. 

8. You will come to another road – if you make a left you will be parallel to Julius Kahn Playground on your left and Pacific Avenue on your right.  To add an extra mile to your run, follow this path until it dead ends at the Presidio Gates and turn back around.  If you aren’t up for the challenge, follow the trail to the Arguello Gates and stay on Arguello to Lake Street.

9.  Make a right on Lake Street and follow this back to 6th Avenue.  Left on 6th and you are DONE!


6 Responses to "Run of the Week!"

Don’t you get hit by golf balls?

I’ve never been hit by one, but maybe I’m just lucky.

just subscribing

Hey, this looks like a great route. What are the trail conditions usually like after rain? Do the trails stay muddy for more than a day or two?

Good question. The only mud you should encounter is around mile 2 when you enter the “woodsy” area on the trail off of Washington Blvd. My experience is that the mud collects further along the path, which you can generally avoid by turning left into the clearing. If we’ve had a good rain, it’ll usually stay muddy for a few days. You can avoid this entirely by running along Washington Blvd until it turns into Arguello. This means (obviously) that you have to be a lot more careful of the cars on the road.

My question is a two-parter. If indeed I were to take up this “running” you speak of, and it did help me get in shape, how would that affect my World of Warcraft Level 13 elf avatar? And it is possible to play World of Warcraft whilst running, or do I have to cut into my WoW time to run? Thanks. Big fan. I’ll take your question off the air.

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