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Posted on: May 5, 2011

Running around a track can be monotonous, boring, too reminscent of uncomfortable PE sweats…but it’s also a great way to find a consistent rhythm in your step and can make counting up your miles pretty easy.  Bring a stop watch with you (or use your ipod or phone) and you can time yourself on each lap to get a better sense of how fast your body is moving.  Track surfaces are also a lot kinder to one’s knees and feet than running on cement.  Running around a track where others are doing the same might also motivate you to run just a little bit faster or a little bit longer…

Kezar Stadium: Located in Golden Gate Park next to the Inner Sunset and The Haight, this is a great track for post-work and weekend runs.  You can challenge yourself too by alternating one lap around the track and one lap around up and down the stairs on each side of the stadium.  Stair runs can really kick your workout up a few notches.  There is a pay lot next to the stadium and street parking is best along Kezar Dr. and into Golden Gate Park.  Parking can still be difficult, however, and therefore public transportation – or if you live nearby – walking to the track can often be better options.  The 6, 33, 37, 43, 71, N Judah stop right by Kezar.  Sporting events occur here during weekend days (rugby, Irish football, etc), and during high school football season many games are played here as well.  I have found that the best time to run here is on weekday evenings during the summer months.  Layers of clothing are always recommended – this is the Sunset, afterall.  Four laps around the inner-most lane of the track gets you one mile; run along the outter-most lane four times and you’ll have run about 1.15 miles.  Bring a friend with out and treat yourselves to a post-workout pint across the street at the Kezar Pub.

Kezar Stadium

 The Polo Fields:  On the western half of Golden Gate Park lies The Polo Fields (or the Golden Gate Park Stadium).  The fields themselves are not always open, but a large dirt track borders the upper perimeter of the fields and is perfect for jogging.  Parking is available in a lot on the southern edge of the fields, but this can fill up quickly, especially on weekends.  During high school cross country season in the fall, several schools use the area for races in the afternoon hours.  One lap around the upper track (there is a lower paved track as well which is a great place to teach a kid how to ride a bike) is about .75 miles.

The Polo Fields

Where else have you found a track to run around in San Francisco?


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