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Exercise Classes on TV?

Posted on: May 6, 2011

I discovered a while back that digital cable On Demand (aka Comcast in the Bay Area) has an “Exercise TV” channel with an array of workout videos of everything from Jillian Michaels to Jackie Warner  to Disco Abs with Cheryl Burke…whatever your workout desire, Exercise TV probably has it.  If you’ve always want to try pilates, yoga, interval training, etc. but don’t want to jump into a class at the gym without knowing what to expect, flipping through the Exercise TV workouts can be a great introduction to different and new workout techniques.  Most of the workouts require nothing more than a little floor space, a couple of hand weights (5-10 lbs), and forgiving downstairs neighbors.  Workout options change frequently.  Having all of these workouts at your disposal means no excuses, right?!

If you’re in the mood for a quick cardio or weight training session (or both), I recommend Jillian Michaels and Jackie Warner.  Jillian, of The Biggest Loser  and Losing it with Jillian fame is a no nonsense kick you in the butt kinda gal.  Her cardio videos involve a lot of interval training with complex movements that aim to train multiple muscle groups for short but intense spurts.  Rather than maintaining a constant speed like one would on an elliptical machine, Jillian’s intervals force your body to work hard in 60 second increments with a few seconds to catch your breath in between exercises.  This type of training can be very effective in increasing one’s endurance and cardiovascular health.  Focusing on multiple muscle groups too ensures that your exercises are more effective in strengthening your entire body.  Jillan’s workouts are also good for strengthening your core, or the muscles around your trunk and pelvis.  A strong core encourages good posture and can prevent lower back pain and muscle injuries. 

Jackie Warner has hosted a couple of reality shows on Bravo – Workout and Thintervention.  She has a series of videos available on Exercise TV that are relatively short (<20 minutes) but target specific muscle groups and work those groups hard.  She has an arms workout that requires two 5-pound weights and a mat (or towel).  You are led through a warm-up and then four 4-minute exercise groups.  You might be thinking that 16 minutes of 5 pound weight exercises is nothing.  Why don’t you try it and let me know how you feel.

If you’re in the mood for something a little more low-key, Exercise TV does have some yoga and pilates options.  These can be a perfect way to end a hectic day.


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