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Run of the Week – May 9-15, 2011

Posted on: May 9, 2011

Marina Green to Ft. Point (4 to 5 mile run)

The Marina Green/Crissy Field area is a wonderful place to run, walk, bike, and even roller blade.  The area is nearly flat, scenic, and can be very calming (depending on the time of day and force of wind, of course).  Although the area can get very crowded on weekend days, I’m a big fan of running along here in the evening hours.  The wind can be very strong at times, giving you that added resistance (or push, depending on your direction) you need to make you run a little bit harder.  Running along here too has many options for extending your distance – you can easily add an extra mile or two in each direction.

Below are directions for a great 4 to 5 mile run along the Marina Green and Crissy Field to Fort Point and back.  Parking can be difficult on weekends but relatively easy at the starting point during the week.  Watch out for bikers who don’t know where they’re going – this path is very popular amongst the tourist crowd.  The run starts at Marina Green Dr. between Webster and Fillmore Streets.  A jungle gym of sorts (chin up bars, dip benches, etc) is the most prominent marker here. If you do decide to run at night, be aware that there are no street lamps once you are inside the Presidio (past Baker along Chrissy Field), so this is not the safest run past sundown.  On clear days, this run does provide a magnificent view of the sun setting into the west between the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge.

1. Head west along the foot/bike path next to the Marina Green.  If you’re worried about pounding pavement, run along the grassy area.  Stay on this path as you cross Baker Street (the Palace of Fine Arts will be on your left).

2. Follow the road (Mason Street) until you get to the water.  To your left will be a bunch of picnic areas, to your right will be a dirt trail that follows the water back from where you came.  If you want to extend your run to 5 miles, stay left along the trail and follow it past the Warming Hut (on your left) until you get to a road called Marine Drive.  Stay on Marine Drive (be careful of the cars) and run to the Fort ahead of you.  Turn around and follow the dirt path back.

3.  If you have chosen to stick with the 4 mile run (or have completed the turn around from Ft. Point), head back towards your car, but stay alongside the water.  At the end of East Beach you will come to a line of very tall trees and another road – about 200 feet before the St. Francis Yacht Club make a right along the water back to Marina Blvd.

4. Make a left on the footpath along Marina Blvd. and head back to the starting point.  The “jungle gym” here is perfect for a stretching.

The map below details the route.

Marina Green/Chrissy Field Run


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