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Bay to Breakers: Post-Race Re-Fuel

Posted on: May 12, 2011

Since Bay to Breakers seems to be a popular search term this week, I thought I’d give my two cents on where to go after the race to fill your tummy.

Although there is some debate over whether eating breakfast before a race is completely necessary, eating within a half-hour of the finish line is very important.  Especially if you have forgone breakfast, your body will need some calories to keep you alert and energized – plus your muscles will thank you for the nutrients.  B2B is 7.46 miles.  It’s not a half marathon; it’s not a marathon.  Yes, you have survived a long distance and have accomplished a great feat and you should celebrate.  Just remember, if you want to reap the benefits of the exercise you have just done, be conscious of the calories you have expended before you choose what you want to consume.  Additionally, your stomach might be a little sensitive after this run – eat what you want, but make sure you listen to your body.

The weather forecast for Sunday does not look very pretty: 70% chance of rain, thunderstorms, possible hail, and a high of 54 at noon.  In other words, chances of finishing the race looking like a drowned rat are pretty high.  So, where should you go that’s close, dry, warm, and will actually feed you?

Footstock: As I blogged about yesterday, the Polo Fields Speedway Meadow is home to the official B2B after party.  Food stands will be set up selling hot dogs, chicken skewers, kebabs, and more (think: street fair food).  Beer gardens are also set up, but an ID is required to imbibe.  However, given the forecast of rain, sitting in a muddy field may not sound too appealing.  This is, however, where to go to pick up your race t-shirt (if you didn’t already pick yours up at the race Expo).

Beach & Park Chalet: Located across a parking lot from the finish line along the Great Highway, the Beach and Park Chalet offer two different restaurant options – and a public restroom.  Timmy Mezzy will be playing all day at Park Chalet.  Brunch awaits you here – just bring a credit card or plenty of cash.

Safeway: Just want a quick snack?  Safeway is located at 850 La Playa between Fulton and CabrilloFind something with carbs and protein – a chocolate milk, a power bar, a bagel and a Powerade…something with just enough calories to give you the fuel you need to push on through with the day.

Java Beach: At the corner of Judah and the Lower Great Highway is one of my favorite coffee shops in the City – Java Beach.  Stop in after the race for something yummy.  Their sandwiches are delicious.  Java Beach also has another location at 45th & Sloat (about 2 miles south of the finish line).

Outerlands: This place doesn’t open until 10am, but head on up after finishing the race and be the first in line (or maybe not?).  I’ve heard this place is delicious.

Seal Rock Inn Restaurant: With Louis’ down the street closed for renovations and the Cliff House maybe a little too upscale for your drowned rat status, try the Seal Rock Inn Restaurant – might just be the diner of your dreams.

Feeling up for a muni ride to an eating destination?  Take the N Judah to 9th & Irving – you will have lots of cuisine to choose from (Gordo Taqueria, Park Chow, Crepe Vine, Irving Street Cafe, Pluto’s…).  Want to venture away from the finish line – but not that far?  Underdog’s at 19th & Irving starts serving up delicious tacos at 11am.  Really don’t want to eat at all and want to find the closest bar instead (this is highly inadvisable – but your own choice, of course)?  Pittsburg’s Pub opens at 8am; Flanahan’s is the type of place that would be open at 6am.

Would rather stick to the Richmond?  Walk up to Geary Blvd and hop on the 38, or walk to La Playa and Cabrillo and take the 31.  Bill’s Burgers, at 25th & Clement, is a great burger spot.  Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant, at 24th & Geary, is the perfect place to enjoy that well earned margarita come noon time.  Or, head to the area around 6th & Clement – you’ll find plenty of bars and breakfast spots.

Don’t want to deal with crowds of people (not to mention really really drunk people) anywhere near you?  Your best bet for a peaceful and relaxing post-race meal is probably home.  Just remember that traffic is going to be a little nutty around the city until the streets begin to reopen to cars.  Just have a little patience and enjoy the day.


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