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Bay to Breakers Running Costume Ideas

Posted on: May 13, 2011

**Please note: contrary to what I thought yesterday, Footstock is actually set for Speedway Meadow NOT the Polo Fields**

A big part of the fun of Bay to Breakers is seeing how creative this city gets in its running attire.  But it’s a foot race, you might say, and the winners are never in costume!  Well that’s their loss.  For the commoners who can’t fathom running 7.46 miles in 33:31,  just because the elites take this race much more seriously (alright, this isn’t completely true), doesn’t mean the rest of us have to.  Besides, how many races actually have an official costume contest?

Saturday night before B2B for the last 5 years almost certainly involved 11th hour hot glue gun, iron on lettering, puffy paint chaos.  Every year we talk about getting our acts together way in advance and totally fail.  My first year of running the race – 2006 – was a last minute thrown together pirate homage.  As I left my house at 7am, I thought, “What am I doing?  I look like an idiot.”  Oh how naive I was.  As we made our way to the starting line through the streets of the financial district I soon realized that my eye patch and skull and cross bones tank top paled in comparison to nearly everyone else (who was actually dressed up).  In 2007 we got a little more creative – my brother, his girlfriend, and his roommate and I went as a familiar foursome: Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Guess who got to be Goldilocks?  In 2008 we kept with the foursome theme – Three Blind Mice & the Farmer’s Wife (complete with a carving knife).  2009 was the year of Swine Flu.  We thought we’d get all current events about it and went as “Jamon Malo” (Sick Ham).  We even had mini sombreros – some people got it, some just thought we were just pigs.  Last year’s foursome outfits were pretty awesome: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  This year?  I’m not telling.

If you’re still in need of a costume idea, look at photos of the last 99 Bay to Breakers for inspiration.  Think of costumes that are easily made at home and with readily available materials.  Rain is in the forecast plus you will be running 7.46 miles – whatever you wear is bound to be soaked with either sweat or rain drops by the end of the race.  Also, consider the temperature – a high of 55 on Sunday means your birthday suit might make you a little on the cold side.  If you take some good photos on Sunday of your favorite costumes, please send them to and I will post them for everyone else to enjoy!

Just remember, whatever you wear or whatever you do, you might wind up on the front page of the paper Monday morning – or plastered all over the internet. You boss, mother-in-law, grandmother, priest, etc. might not be impressed to see you:

Holding this...

Sporting this...

Looking like this...

Doing this...

Or riding the bus home like this.


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