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San Francisco Stairs to Run: Filbert Street

Posted on: May 22, 2011

Last week I blogged about the effect of running stairs on one’s training regime and fitness goals.  Tucked away in San Francisco’s Telegraph Hill, Filbert Street from Kearny to Sansome does away with car access completely.  To get up or down this tree canopied route you have to walk up or down a set of stairs.  If you start from the bottom, your end goal is a view of Coit Tower.  If you start from the top, your end goal is The Embarcadero.

Really want to get your heart pounding and see a hidden gem within the City?  Choose your starting point with a goal of running up the stairs from Sansome Street to Kearny.  Once at the bottom, you face 3 city blocks worth of over 300 steps. Peek into the front yards of the homes and cottages that line the stairs.  Be sure to look up – you might just see the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill chirping away.  Once you’re at the top, continue in the same direction and you will find yourself coming down into North Beach.  Wander up Columbus towards the Financial District and treat yourself to a Latte or Italian soda.  It’s a tough climb to the top – but it’s an “only in San Francisco does this exist” kind of experience. Besides, as you pass all of those tourists barely able to walk two steps without taking  a break, you’ll look pretty awesome.

Filbert Street Steps - Going Up


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