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Posted on: May 23, 2011

May 23-29, 2011: 4-5+ Mile Run Along Ocean Beach

Along the western edge of San Francisco lies the City’s largest and widest expanse of sand and water: Ocean Beach.  Complementing the natural dunes and cliffs of the 3.5 mile stretch from the Cliff House to Fort Funston is an approximately 2 mile paved foot and bike path that parallels the Great Highway.  Unfortunately, the weather is not entirely cooperative along this coast – summer appears in about September and says goodbye by October, but the natural air conditioning of the fog and sea air make for a pleasantly cool running area.  No need to worry about overheating here.  Free parking is available across from Golden Gate Park between Fulton and Lincoln Streets and along the Lower Great Highway.  The run below can be cut short or added to – as posted it’s about 5.3 miles.

4-5+ Mile Run Along Ocean Beach

1. Starting from the Ocean Beach parking lot across from the Beach Chalet Restaurant, head south along the foot path adjacent to the parking lot.

2. Once you hit Lincoln, make a left at the second light (you will run for a few feet on the sand and head across the street to the northern edge of the foot path.  BE CAREFUL – cars here don’t always know when their right of way is.  I almost got run over once by a motorcycle running a red light).

3.  Make a right onto the foot path and follow it to Sloat Blvd.  Watch out for bicyclists – it’s best to stay to your right in either direction.

4.  Once you hit Sloat you can take  a breather and enjoy the view by crossing the Great Highway.  There is a water fountain and restroom here as well.  If you’d rather keep going, turn around and head back to Lincoln.

5. Once at Lincoln either head straight back to the parking lot (your run will be just over 4 miles) or extend the run for another mile by crossing Lincoln and heading east into Golden Gate Park on Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive

6. (For the longer run) Once on MLK Drive you will come to a fork in the road.  Make a left onto S. Fork Drive.  This will become JFK Drive in about 400 feet.  Stay left onto JFK.

7.  Follow JFK Drive to the Great Highway.  You will pass the Dutch Windmill (on your right).

8. Once you hit the Great Highway cross the street (carefully!) and head back to the parking lot.  Congrats!  You’ve just finished your run!

Looking for a post-run refueling?  Head over to Judah and La Playa and treat yourself to a cup of coffee at Java Beach.  Their sandwiches are pretty damn good too.


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