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Forget Stairs – Run Bleachers!

Posted on: May 24, 2011

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about track running in San Francisco.  Today I headed out to Kezar Stadium for some laps and some bleacher sprints and I was reminded of why it can be a really great place for a workout.   Located on the south-eastern edge of Golden Gate Park, Kezar Stadium once housed the Raiders and the 49ers.  Today when it’s not playing host to a variety of sporting events (including local high school football games), the track is open for public use.  I could not find the hours of the stadium posted anywhere online – 311 might be of help for this.  My understanding is that the track is open until at least 7:30pm on week nights.  If you do show up and it’s closed, don’t fret (and don’t give up on your workout!!) – head into Golden Gate Park and go for a run around Big Rec (it has bleachers too).

The lower track at Kezar is your standard running track distance of 400 meters around on the inner lane.  The outer lane is a bit longer in circumference.  Four laps in the inner lane will get you to one mile – on the outer lane it depends on the width of each lane (in the case of Kezar, one outer lap is about .28 miles – four laps gets you to 1.12 miles).  The track above the bleachers is 0.4 miles around.

Ready to run some bleachers?  Start out warming up by running a couple of laps at a decent but not breathless pace.  Choose either the upper or lower tracks (the lower is made of actual track material while the upper is paved).  On either side of the field lie two sets of bleachers.  Each set contains ten sets of stairs that separate sections of seating.  Start on one side of the bleachers and sprint up the stairs (two stairs at a time).  Jog to the next set of stairs and jog down them carefully (watch out on the way down – this is when the most pain and injury can occur).  Move on to the next set of stairs.  Continue on this up and down route until you’ve completed one side of the bleachers.  Ready for more?  Run to the other side of the track and run those bleachers in the same fashion.  Need a time out with the stairs?  Run another lap or two to catch your breath and attempt the bleachers again.  When you’re completely over the bleacher aspect of this workout, see how many more laps you can get in.  Running stairs in general is a great workout – but running bleachers gives you the extra impact of the laps you get to run before and after the most intense part of your workout! (**I realized this morning that there may be some confusion over running stairs versus running bleachers – feel free to actually run up the bleacher seats.  They’re set further apart than the stairs and have a higher rise.  In other words, they’re a little harder to run up**).

Kezar Stadium


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[…] Monday and Thursday runs may involve a combination of stairs, hills, and flat ground.  A track, like Kezar, is perfect for integrating all three. […]

Checkout my site provides a great insight to bleacher workouts. . . . Would love a link on your page!

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