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Download this App: Nike Training Club

Posted on: May 26, 2011

I get it – motivating oneself to workout on a daily basis can be incredibly hard.  Sometimes I come home from work, sit on the couch, and the thought of getting up just to make dinner makes me want to go to bed hungry.  However, the more that daily exercise is integrated into your routine, the more your body will actually start to crave a workout.  If you exercise long enough, you might begin to understand “runners high”.  You don’t have to run to feel this – it can come about with any type of intense exercise.  You also don’t need to be in a gym or even outside to push yourself through a high energy exercise routine.  I recently came across Nike’s “Nike Training Club” application and have found it to be a pretty heart pounding workout resource that gets my endorphins jumping – even if I want to collapse half way through the exercises.

Nike Training Club App

Nike Training Club is a FREE app for iPhones.  It offers four categories of exercise goals (Getting Lean, Toned, Strong, and Focused), three levels for each goal (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced), and multiple routines at varying time lengths for each level.  The workouts vary obviously, but the general theme is interval training.  For 30 seconds to 2 minutes you perform individual exercises that often engage multiple muscles and require spurts of high intensity.  There are very few breaks for the duration of each workout, but the benefits of this type of training can be immense.  You can do most of the exercises in these workouts at home without much more than a yoga mat (or towel) and a couple of hand weights.  Some of the exercises require a medicine ball – if you don’t have one, use your hand weights.  Don’t have hand weights?  Take two half gallon milk containers (plastic) and fill with sand.

This app acts almost like a personal trainer in that it tells you when to move to the next exercise.  You can also stop the program to watch a video demonstration of how each exercise should be done so you can correct your form.  The app allows you to choose a playlist from the iPod function on your phone so your entire routine is set to music.

So what kind of exercise can you expect in one of these workouts?

-2 minutes walking lunges

-2 minutes light jogging in place

-30 seconds wood chops

-15 seconds plank

-30 seconds sumo squat with press

-30 seconds side plank

-30 seconds plank row

-15 seconds russian twists

-30 seconds cleans

-30 seconds burpees

-15 seconds toe touches

-30 seconds alternating medicine ball push-ups

-15 second kick downs

Repeat x 4 and then 3 minutes of stretching

You can also find most of these exercises on YouTube’s NikeWomen’s Channel.

Download the app today and try it out at home – you can even watch TV while you do it.  I promise it will kick your butt.


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