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Run of the Week: May 30-June 5, 2011

Posted on: May 31, 2011

7.5 Mile Run from Fort Mason to the Golden Gate Bridge

This week kicks off the real countdown to The Giant Race Half Marathon on August 27, 2011.  In 87 days hopefully some of you will be joining me on this 13.1 mile run.  Haven’t started training yet?  Now’s the time to start. Didn’t sign up for the race yet?  Well, you’re kind of SOL – check out how to still run this sold out race here.

I ran this route last Friday when it was actually sunny out.  It’s mostly flat with a steady climb just before the 3 mile mark that leads you to the footpath entrance to the Golden Gate Bridge.  The run, as given, is about 7.5 miles.  If you’re not quite up for that, feel free to cut the run short by starting at a different point along the route.  If you want to go even further, try running on the bridge (though now you will have to share the path with both pedestrians and bicyclists.  You’ve been warned).  On blustery days you might find yourself running straight into a headwind.  Think of this as extra resistance.  This area in general is great to run in the evening hours as the sun is setting to the west.  However, be aware that there are very few street lamps along the road once you enter the Presidio (at the beginning of Crissy Field), so running in this area in the dark is inadvisable.

7.5 Mile Run to the GGB

1. Starting line is around the entrance to Ft. Mason at Bay and Franklin Streets.  Street parking can be found here – or enter Ft. Mason, make a left at the first stop sign, and follow the road to the left into a parking lot where there are spots are designated 2 hour public parking.

2. Head west along Bay and turn right at Laguna.  Laguna will dead-end at a parking lot – stay on the foot path to your left and follow the road as it becomes Marina Blvd.

3. Stay on Marina Blvd (there will be a row of homes on your left and a grassy area then a harbor on your right).  Once you hit Baker Street (look for the Palace of Fine Arts to your left), continue straight into the Presidio and stay on the foot path that borders Crissy Field (this is called Mason Street).

4. Follow Mason Street until it merges with a dirt path that parallels the water.  Follow the dirt path – the water will be on your right and a grassy area with BBQ pits on your left.

5. The first building on your left is The Warming Hut.  Run past this and make a left right after the building.  Cross the road – a parking lot entrance will be on your left.  Look up ahead for Long Ave.  It will be marked as “bike route.” Make a left onto this street and your uphill portion of the run commences.

6.  Follow the bike route – though be careful.  Long Ave has a few blind curves with both cars and bicyclists trying to control the road.  Take your ear buds out so you can be more aware of what is around you.  At the top of the road make a right onto Lincoln Blvd.  Hug the bike trail and continue to follow it and the signs pointing you to the Golden Gate Bridge.

View of the Golden Gate Bridge

7. Head back down the bike path and then back down Long Ave.  Once you’re back at Crissy Field, make a left and follow Marine Drive to Fort Point.  Once you hit the Fort, turn around and continue back on the same path from which you came.  Follow Mason Street back to Marina Blvd, turn right at Laguna, and left at Bay.

7.5 miles never felt so good, right?  If you feel like you need a cool down, there is a Starbucks on Buchanan between North Point and Beach for that much deserved post-run pick me up.


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