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Half Marathon Training Schedule

Posted on: June 29, 2011

With just over 8 weeks left until the Giant Race on August 27, I finally got around to posting my official training schedule on a calendar.  This calendar is public and is available on Google Calendars by searching for  I have color-coded the workouts to draw the eyes to the running (yellow), non running (blue), long runs (purple), and rest (green) days.

This schedule assumes that at the training starting point I am already comfortable running almost 20 miles a week.  If you’re completely new to this whole running thing and have not been working out for the past couple of months, it is inadvisable to ramp up your mileage too quickly.  If you’re body isn’t ready, you can sustain injuries pretty quickly.  Even shin splints, as common as they are, can set your training back a week or so.  One of the most common mistakes for new runners is the idea of “too much, too soon.”  If you’re really motivated to run run run and have a hard time telling yourself to stop (even when you’re in pain), your body might break down for you. has a great section for beginner runners, including a training plan for getting started on the right foot.  If you are comfortable with increasing your mileage and workout intensity today, just remember to also know your limits – and keep those blister band aids and anti-chaffing sticks handy.

My training regime will require a mix of running, cardio, weight lifting, core exercises, and yoga.

  • My mileage will not increase significantly from week 1 to week 9 and I will peak with 27 miles in week 7.
  • I have 4 designated running days per week with the shortest run on Tuesdays and the longest on Saturdays (or Sundays).
  • Long runs will ALWAYS be done outside
  • Monday and Thursday runs may involve a combination of stairs, hills, and flat ground.  A track, like Kezar, is perfect for integrating all three.
  • Cardio exercising will be done on either the elliptical or bike and will go uninterrupted.
  • Weight lifting is still important for runners.  Just ask Thomas Woodward.
  • Core training will be done using the Nike Training Club App, Jillian Michaels videos, or an interval training class at the gym.
  • Yoga will be done once per week as a compliment to all of the cardio and weight training.
  • My one rest day per week is mandatory.
  • My goal is to go for distance over time.  I would like to clock the race in under 2 hours, which is about 9:10 minute miles.

Looking for a template for your own training regime?  Check out my training calendar – search for through Google Calendars.  Got any training suggestions?  Let me know.


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