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So You Want to Run The Nike Women’s Marathon…

Posted on: July 7, 2011

A couple of people have asked me about this in the last month or so, so I thought I’d do some research on the subject and update the masses on how one registers for the San Francisco Nike Women’s (Half) Marathon.  Here’s the bad news: unless you’ve already registered for this year’s race on October 16, your options for making it to the finish line (and collecting that Tiffany’s necklace) are pretty limited.

Never heard of this race but just read the words Tiffany necklace? (Oh and did I mention that it’s handed to you by a fireman in a tuxedo?)  Read on…

The race, which follows 26.2 (or 13.1) miles of San Francisco, is limited to 20,000 runners. It sells out every year and the random drawing giving away the ability to just REGISTER for those coveted bibs occurred in April.  Registering for this random drawing was held for only 10 days.  I have heard that your chances for being randomly selected at the drawing increase if a) you have already run the race, and b) you register as a group (and then enter the drawing individually, but with a group ID).

Registration fees are $130 for the half-marathon and $150 for the full marathon.  Most of the runners are, well, women, though men are welcome to run as well.  Race proceeds benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

More of the nitty-gritty is available online at  This year’s race is sold out, but check back early next year so you don’t miss out on the drawing registration period.

There is one way to run this race without scalping someone else’s bib.  You do have the opportunity to join Team in Training and be guaranteed a spot in the race.  The only catch?  Other than training with a group (I still can’t figure out if this is optional…) and you have to raise minimum funds for the race’s beneficiary.  For more information on Team in Training, check out their Nike Women’s Marathon website here.

Any past race runners have any words of wisdom or stories to share??


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