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Bay Area is my go-to website for finding a great new hike to try out in the local area.  Looking for something active for the long weekend?  Check out the website today.  Each hike includes turn by turn hiking and driving directions, hike lengths, level of difficulty, and what to expect/look for along each hike.


I log most of my outside running mileage within the City limits.  However, every so often I am reminded that vast areas of pure nature exist when you pass the City’s limits.  Marin County is an excellent destination for outdoor running – especially on trails.  If you’re new to the area and aren’t very familiar with our neighbors to the North (or you grew up in the City and really only know how to get to Stinson Beach) head on over the GGB this weekend and check out a new running trail.

Phoenix Lake, located on the outskirts of the town of Kentfield, is managed by the Marin Municipal Water District.  A series of trails follow around the lake and cover about 2.7 miles.  The route has a good amount of shade.  However, there are a good number of trails that veer off from the actual lake and provide a more challenging and longer distance for running.  Bay Area has a great description of a 4.7 mile hike that can easily turned up a notch as a run.

Directions: From 101, take the San Anselmo/Sir Francis Drake Blvd Exit.  Follow Sir Francis Drake for about 3.5 miles and make a left onto Lagunitas Rd (right by the Marin Art & Garden Center).  The parking lot is about a mile up this road.  The parking lot is small, however, and fills up quickly on the weekends.  For more parking options, try parking in the town of Kentfield near Ross Common Park.  Run along Lagunitas Rd. to get to the Phoenix Lake trail head.

For a 2.7 mile run around the lake, hike uphill to the lake and then combine Bill Williams Trail, Gertrude Orr Trail, and Phoenix Lake Trail.  Study a map before hand (there are no paper maps available at the trail head) or print out the directions from Bay Area  Yes, it’s annoying to run with a map.  However, it’s probably less annoying than running 5 miles longer than you expected to because you got lost…

Once you’re done with your hike, check out Kentfield on your way home.  Woodland’s Market is a great place to refuel or try M&G’s in Larkspur for a quick and easy burger.

A couple of weeks ago I shared my favorite Bay Area hike in the small West Marin town of Inverness.  Hiking is a great weekend activity and is an excellent excuse to ditch the nasty City weather and head elsewhere for some real summer heat.  If you keep a decent pace, aren’t afraid of hills, and have enough time for a 5-10 mile hike, hiking can prove to be a great workout.  Or, if you really want to push yourself, run a hiking route instead.

If you’re new to the Bay Area or just haven’t spent much time exploring the natural areas outside of the City, there are several hiking areas and resources for hikers within just minutes of the City’s borders.  Bay Area is one of the best websites I have found for discovering hikes.  Each hike is detailed with driving directions, trailhead information, difficulty rating, and any additional must-knows.  You can also find books devoted to hikes in the Bay Area – however, be aware that trails can change after a book has gone to print with different weather and erosion patterns.

Looking for a fun hike for this weekend?  Try the Muir Woods-Mountain Home 4.7 mile loop.  This hike begins at the top of Mill Valley along Panoramic Highway (parking is available on the side of the road here) and brings you down to the base of Muir Woods.  You’ll follow the redwoods back up to Panoramic.  And when you’ve made it back to the top, The Mountain Home Inn’s back deck is the perfect spot for a post-hike beer and snack.  This hike is a great excuse to see Muir Woods without having to deal with the parking lot (and lack of parking).  Complete details of this hike can be found here.

Muir Woods

What to bring on a hike: I know you’re probably thinking, how hard is it to go on a 5 mile hike?  Well, you never know what the wilderness might bring, so it’s always best to err on the side of preparation.  Wear good shoes AND socks.  Flip flops are really dumb for hikes.  Not only do you open yourself up to injury (stepping on a rock, a twig, stubbing a toe), but your feet are bound to hurt afterwards.  Bring water with you.  Unlike working out at the gym or going for a walk in the City, there’s no corner store or water fountain on wilderness trails.  Bring your phone with you AND make sure it’s charged.  Even though cell phone reception might not exist where you are, it’s always best to have your phone just in case.  Bring a snack.  Eat breakfast (or lunch) before your hike, but if you’re going for more than 5 miles it doesn’t hurt to bring an energy bar or a pack of trail mix with you.  Watch out for poison oak and check for ticks.

A Tick

Poison Oak: "Leaves of Three Let Them Be"

And finally…Wear layers – and sunscreen!  This is still the Bay Area, after all.  Even Marin County gets fog in the summer months.  And even though the skies are overcast, you can still get sunburned.

Have a favorite hike in Northern California?  Please share!  Happy Hiking!


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